We love volleyball.  We love indoor.  We love sand.  We Do Gras!

We here at Marty Gras Volleyball want to provide a rich, clean, wholesome, environment where volleyball can be played at a high level.  We take pride in making this the best tournament that we can.  Between the music and recycling, the t-shirts, the nets and the sets, we want everything to be the best.

Come play with us.  YOUR GRAS IS MINE!

Help us make a great tournament even better!  If you have any ideas or suggestions that could improve our tournaments let us know.  We are always open to good ideas so we can stay on top.

If you have any questions or need another player contact us via
email: sets@martygrasvolleyball.org
Phone or text:
Matt – 734-216-4206
Marty – 248-667-8767

Matt usually has free agents looking to play

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